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I finally found what I have been seeking for years…someone who could zero in on my children’s strengths and weaknesses and customize an ongoing plan to address their needs and produce results. The Literacy Academy, specifically Natalia Perchemlides, has done just that. I cannot say enough about her outstanding teaching skills and professionalism.

~Marigrace D.
New Canaan Parent of an 8th grader and a college-bound senio

The Literacy Academy has taken the war out of book reports. With The Literacy Academy’s guidance my children have their book reports outlined and sometimes even all written in one session. I still need to remind them to finish, but only remind, not nag. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Ellen V.
Darien Parent of a 4th & 5th grade

My biggest problem has always been writing. Earlier this year, I was getting 6 out of 10 on my short answer questions for homework because I didn't know how to find detail in my reading. Ms. Perchemlides helped me outline and highlight my textbooks and now I have been getting 10 out of 10 on every assignment. She showed me new ways to skim paragraphs and find the main idea. Every time I go, I always learn a new trick that will help me not only on the test the next day but things I will use later in life. Finally, her nice personality and the energizing candy are two additional reasons I like going.

~Lukas M.

Our son has attended The Literacy Academy since it opened in July 2003. He is an avid reader and writer, but since he began this program, his appreciation for literature has grown and developed still further. Even during the summer months … his ability to think and analyze is changing, and most of all, when I collect him, he is happy, relaxed, and interested in the world. I am delighted he is able to attend The Literacy Academy.

~Sally M.
Darien Parent of a 9th grade

“TLA’s Latin-based SAT reading comprehension coaching is superb. It’s much more intuitve and interesting for the students than memorizing long vocabulary lists. I have recommended this approach to many of my friends—even in other states.”

“TLA provides one-on-one coaching, which helps the instructor understand and develop your child’s ‘voice’ in essays in addition to their technical accuracy. ‘Voice’ is often a final and sometimes intangible acceptance factor used by selective schools.”

“TLA uses up-to-date, successful examples of their students’ college essay drafts as examples to instruct and motivate college applicants. The proof is in the pudding—it works!”

“Thanks for being such a great teacher; my daughter actually looked forward to her SAT sessions with you and is lamenting that they are over!”


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