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Janice Mattioli (Reading & Writing Instructor, Partner)

Mattioli, a mother of three, earned her B.A. in political philosophy from Fairfield University, graduating summa cum laude and earning membership to Phi Beta Kappa, the prestigious national honor society. She was awarded a full academic scholarship to Yale University where she earned her M.A. Before coming to TLA, Mattioli attended law school and taught for three years at Fairfield College Preparatory School, where she was voted Teacher of the Year by the students. While at Fairfield Prep, she conducted writing and reading seminars for both advanced students and students in academic crisis. Mattioli has also published three articles in professional philosophy journals. She has recently completed a Young Adult fantasy novel.

“Nothing is more rewarding than to see a student become not only a better writer and reader, but also a willing writer and reader," says Mattioli. "Working one-on-one with students is the most effective way, in my experience, to achieve that. It is the most challenging and rewarding work I can imagine.”

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Natalia Perchemlides (TLA Founder, Partner)

Perchemlides earned her BA from Boston College and was awarded a scholarship of merit to attend the Donovan Urban Education Program (through which she earned her Masters in Education). Having taught English for 6 years in some of our nation’s most diverse and progressive public schools, she has again chosen to enrich her education and is currently pursuing a second masters degree, this time in creative writing. Perchemlides also has 6 years of corporate writing and editing experience.

“I founded TLA in the summer of 2003 recognizing that many of the progressive and greatly needed teaching strategies that I have acquired over time could not be delivered to my students in the conventional classroom setting. My students deserved my best, but as a school teacher I could not actualize the lessons I knew they needed and were asking for,” explains Perchemlides. “At TLA my teaching has no ceiling, which means my students’ progress is boundless.”

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Julia Lundy (Independent Math Specialist)

Lundy earned a B.S. in Physics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. While at UCSB, she participated in physics outreach programs, working with students from grades 4 – 12. Lundy was also part of a four-student team that designed and built a “toroid tank” for the purposes of high-school physics education. Lundy also did research for the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at both UCSB and Fairfield University. She spent a year at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, working for the Supernova/Acceleration Probe group.

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The official newsletter written and published by the Literacy Academy instructors:

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Summer 2005: Vol.2, Issue 2

Spring 2005: Vol.2, Issue 1

Summer 2004: Vol.1, Issue 6

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Growing Beyond Grades, by Natalia Perchemlides & Carolyn Coutant
(Educational Leadership, Oct. 2004)

Strategies for Teen Readers, by Carolyn Coutant & Natalia Perchemlides
(Educational Leadership, Oct. 2005)

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